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A Cave Lost Within Mumbai - Mahakali Caves 2015

Where? - Location Compass

Mahakali Caves also remembered as the Kondivite Caves are a group of 19 rock-cut monuments. The Buddhist Monastery is located in Andheri East and consist of rock cut caves, cut out of a solid black basalt rock. This caves feel similar to any other Buddhist cave you may have visited, but the fact that it is so easily accessible and can be visited by one and all and still isn’t quite famous really is worrying and upsetting.

How To Get There:

  • Reach Andheri Railway Station - Local Train - East (Most Economical)
  • Take local Taxi till Andheri East - Mahakali Cave Road End
  • By Road Highway (Expressway - Andheri East)
  • Buses go right upto the cave from the Station (Bus No. 333, and a few others)

Mahakali Cave - Exploration Time: 1-2 Hours

How Old - Built In: 1st century BCE and 6th century CE.

When? - Ideal Time To Getaway

Best Period To Getaway: December - May (Winter & Summer)
Timings: 7am - 5pm (Entry Timings) - Important

My Happy Getaway - Mahakali Caves 2015

So on a weekday, I decided to head to this fort, that happens to be just 35 mins away from my place according to Google Maps. Imagine a cave so close I did not know that existed. (Shame on me.) And since I was considering heading out Solo, I decided to head out with my sister as she was quite free too. We took the local and once we reached we discovered that the Cave visiting timings have ended we reached at 5:22 and the cave shuts at 5! How disappointing. But on our way back, and really close to the Mahakali Caves you can find Dharmakshetra - A meditation and religious center by Shri Satya Sai Baba. It is a beautifully and well kept place, not parallel towards one particular religion as you can find statues and resemblance of multiple god and beliefs. However I believe the calling there is to find inner peace and unity through giving and prayer.

We entered the center and found huge building and well crafted statues and carvings. We climbed the hill where we also found a meditation room, where we spent a few peaceful minutes at. (Have added the pictures of the center in the album.) Soon we were home and I was confident that I was going to make an attempt to try to go to these caves again. It was morning this time, and pre work that I decided to make an attempt to visit these caves again. I entered the broad gates and the overall fencing that will make you feel this isn’t a cave but a local garden or park that you are ending. On the end of Mahakali Road, not many know or are aware of the cave or its resemblance, which is quite disappointing. I soon was inside, and my word, wasn’t it beautiful. I have to hand it to those people who invest time and money into reserving and safeguarding this place. It was well maintained. Yes, few parts of the caves did have leakages and there was a stink of urine and bad odor coming from a few caves. But overall I have to say, they are trying their best. There is no entry charge to enter the cave and when you enter on the right side you’ll find the series of caves. Very similar to each other with small rooms, and carvings and entrances all along, you will feel like you have entered a land of the old.

Cave 9 is where you can find sculpturings and the main Bhuddha Stuppa. To see the Caves on the outer layer of the park. You’ll need to go climb or rally over from the side of the park (I climbed up) and then make your way down to the other side where there are 3-4 openings and cave like structures. Mahakali Caves may have lost their early pre age charm and beauty but from whatever is still left of it, it does still seem to be really beautiful and peaceful. This place can be visited by one and all, and is doesn’t require a trek or massive amount of time investment to visit, it is right within the city. Close to every Mumbaikar. Yet quite far away, as people don’t take out the time or are unaware about its existence. I wish more people knew, and cared and worked towards safe guarding its resemblance and history.

Visiting the caves was surely, enjoyable. I can’t wait for my next trip. Either solo or with a group. Either somewhere far or somewhere close. I am sure it will be memorable.

This is Happy (Or you can call me Al) signing off, until next time.
Have a great day.

And an adventurous weekend! :)

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