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The Highest Peak In Maharashtra - Kalsubai 2015

Where? - Location Compass

Kalsubai Peak (Marathi: कळसूबाई शिखर) is the highest peak of the Sahyadris on the border of Igatpuri Taluka, Nashik district and Akole Taluka, of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, an Indian state. 'Kalsubai' temple is located at the topmost peak of Sahyadri mountain range of Maharastra.

How To Get There:

  • Reach Kasara Railway Station (Most Economical)
  • Take local Taxi till base village Bari
  • By Road Mumbai - Kasara - Igatpuri - Ghoti - Bari
  • Kalsubai Trek from Pune By Road Pune - Sangamner - Rajur - Bhandardara - Bari

Kalsubai Trek Climb: Medium/Moderate 3 hours

Kalsubai Height: 1646 meters (5400 feet)

When? - Ideal Time To Getaway

Best Period To Getaway: June - December
Pooja Days (Temple Prayer): Tuesday & Thursday

The best time to go is during Navratri (A festival period) when there is a mela (Celebration of sorts) with a lot of people and festive happenings. Also during June to December at the start of the monsoons and winter as the temperature is much more pleasant than it is during the summers. Also you can enjoy the winds and rains better during the end of the year period (Also waterfalls!).

I happened to head out during July, so it was bliss to say the least. The cold monsoon wind, backed by heavy yet comforting rains was surely a treat.

My Happy Getaway - Kalsubai 2015

It was a cool Saturday night with a hint of a slight drizzle, and I was done with work like any other ordinary day pretty late. After looking forward to this trip for a weeks or months, with Kushal (A really close trekking friend of mine.)  I think to finally head out was surely a great feeling. So we were deciding between Kalsubai and Peb. And the highest peak of Maharashtra? Well yeah. How could you possible second option that .So Kalsubai it was. We head out at around 4am ish. Reached Kasara. You do get busses and taxi’s from the station to Bari the base village of Kalsubai close to Igatpuri and Nashik. We bussed it cause we wanted to do this old school style. And it was quite far (30-40 mins or so in the bus.) We were soon dropped off in the middle of a road, parallel to the road heading to this hills. You do get this feeling when you head out towards the Sahyadris a feeling of triumph, history and belonging. And as a backpacker there is not a whole that you’d even want out of a trip apart from this feeling, this feeling of being home. So we reached the base village, and since neither of us had been there before we sort started making our way to the top. You’ll find a lot of people asking to show you around for a small sum of money or guide you through if you're new to the place. Also a lot of shops offering meals. Now if you are in a group or completely new to trekking this may not be a bad idea, but the route that they may take you through might be unfamiliar and I can’t vouch for the safety of the same. However what I’d suggest is ask local shopkeepers and fellow travellers which way to go towards. Because the patch isn’t as confusing or hard to make out. You just need to keep going upwards. So we asked the locals around and got onto the right patch. So I’m sure anyone can.

We had to take off our shoes and walk through a stream. Oh the beautiful feeling. You feel exactly the same as you do when you feel when you're on top when you step into the clean pure water (It does depend when you visit though, early morning visit was when we did.). After that we stopped after a decent climb for a quick snack and then we kept heading up. You do find small stalls and lemonade vendors on your way who are quite kind and friendly and will help show you directions. We made a few stops, and cross quite a few ladders on our way. I think more than this being a moderate trek it is a trek that tests your endurance and stamina levels. As the patch isn’t really hard but is a long and distant patch. (Well it is the highest, for a reason.) We reached the first based after crossing a few leaders.

I think the most disappointing or thing that you should be most aware off is the fact that you’ll never be able to see the top most point from the bottom. Or until you are really close. You always feel you are right there, and bam a new peak appears. This will happen twice, till you really see the top. And don’t lose hope, because it is totally worth it. We went up and up and even though I was demotivated we hadn’t reach I was eager to see what it would be like on the top. Once we reached the second base I could see clouds all around the last one. And a patch that was barely visible. You reach up and then you are surrounded by clouds and the wind blows so strongly that it can blow you or your bag pack away. The temple is quite beautifully kept, and you’d find a guard keeper who does pray and take offerings in. The local denti is believed and worshiped by many and people believe that the statue inside the temple has been present there since 400 years or so. I think the most refreshing feeling is when you have the wind keep changing its direction the sun shining all of a sudden and the winds blowing the clouds away and opening up the beautiful view from the top of Maharashtra and the Sahyadris. Words cannot contain what me and Kushal probably felt. I think its for days like these we live for. We soon, started heading back down and enjoyed each others conversations and company. Kushal had also brought some snacks, that I really liked. And we found a dog on our way back that we gave some off our left over snacks too. We then started heading back wards.

You’d think travelling alone is fun. But travelling in a smaller group is quite a lot of fun too. I surely plan on doing more of these not so impromptu and free way trips with Kushal and other backpackers. Hopefully to the highest peak in another city soon.

This is Happy (Or you can call me Al) signing off, until next time.
Have a great day.
And an adventurous weekend! :)      

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