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Into The Night - Kalavantin Durg - Small Steps - The Happy Getaway 2015

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Kalavantin durg is located on a plateau very close to Matheran, near the Machi and Vajepur villages.  It a beautiful location that is also known to be named after the queen Kalavantin, as the steep stairs takes you upwards. Embrace yourself for a thrilled filled adventure.

How to Get There
  • ·        Air: the nearest airport is the Mumbai airport after which you can take a taxi to Panvel or Thakurwadi
  • ·        Rail: board a train that halts at Panvel after which you take an auto (tum-tum) to reach Thakurwadi
  • ·        Bus: catch a bus that goes to Panvel and then an auto (tum-tum) to reach Thakurwadi.
  • ·        Tum-Tums are preferred because there is a climb from Thakurwadi to Prabalmachi and then to the top of Kalavantin durg.

Difficulty Level & Duration

Moderate, 34 hours (Night Camping)


It is a 500m high pinnacle on the northern edge of the Prabal plateau. Its total height is 2,300 feet

Happy Hours

Monsoons and Winters.

My Happy Getaway – Small Steps Community

A weekend cannot be more eventful than learning so many different things and experiencing a feel of trained mountaineering skills. It was a beautiful a trip organized by Small Steps.

 On the 3rd October at around 7 am we began our journey toward the trekking site. As the sun rose, the adventurers began their trek to the Prabal Machi basecamp at a quick pace where piping hot tea with delicious poha was awaiting them.

At about noon, a knot teaching session was conducted by Hira Kaka and Sachin Mestry, who were our mountaineering teachers. Different types of knots, their application and methodology was taught. Basic information about it and familiarity to some technical tools should be known before attempting any kind of mountaineering activities.

 After fulfilling our midday activities we headed to our very first session of mountain climbing. Our energy levels were high and so was the humidity. Though the weather wasn’t very pleasant and apt it did not kill our excitement and pumped up adrenaline. We overcame our fear by mastering the art of mountain climbing.
 For amateurs like us, aping up the mountain was a challenging task. However, with constant motivation of Nishant and Sachin (our trainers) everybody got to experience their first ever thrilling clamber.

After such a tiresome ascend we began descending to the base camp, during late evening. The dull bluish sky was slowly changing to a relatively darker shade.

The descend was followed by an amazing dinner which included an interactive session with all the trekkers. After the glorious dinner, before retiring a revision of the knot session was conducted.

Eventually, the night got to the trekkers and they began to fall asleep under the moonlight. The chilly night and snoring sound didn't let camping zeal fade.

On the onset of dawn a wake-up call was made. And what we witnessed after that was heavenly. The view of clouds covering the city was incredible.
Quickly after, freshening up and having breakfast, we soon headed out for the climb to Kalavanting durg and rappelling session.

 Slowly and steadily we climbed up Kalavanting and experienced a rare view.
 Then the exciting rappelling was awaiting us. Rappelling is easier only when you don’t look down the hill from which you are descending. Fortunately, the climate was sunny and complimented our activity.

We were back to the base camp at noon where lunch was served. After a little chit-chat, everyone gathered to thank our trainers. Their support and motivation was much appreciated. They were friendly and easy-going, as we were beginners. The knowledge and experience gained through this trip was immense.

As said happy times are short lived, and so these two days passed quickly, leaving behind some beautiful memories to be cherished.

Sakshi Trivedi - – Small Steps Traveler


You can see more pictures from the trip here

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