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10 Reasons: Why Prioritizing Travel Is A Must #TravelTips - The Happy Getaway 2017

The Happy Getaway is back! with your weekly edition of Travel Reviews, Tips & Experience blogging. And in our Monday edition today, we talk about the 10 reasons why, you need to make time off your "Oh so, busy!" schedule to travel. To get out off your bed and not be lazy to explore, and create experiences, here are our top 10 reasons, why you should be travelling this weekend. 

#10 Nature & Wildlife Heals

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We all know that being around nature and wild life creates a sense of peace and belonging which helps us calm down from our usual day stresses. The smell of wet grass, and the buzzing of the wild life helps refresh and rejuvenate our senses so as to be able to find peace and joy. And it is not every day that we spend time in the greens listening to birds or dipping our feet into a river. Thus after a hard week's work we all deserve the pampering and comfort of being lost in the arms of nature. 

Don't deprive yourself off it, just because it takes some effort.

#9 Learn About New Cultures & Traditions

If you love discovering and learning new things. Then travel is your best outlet. Every fort, village, cave, mountain or waterfall you may visit has its own tale of being formed. Embraced in the culture and community that surrounds it. There's always something new to learn and experience and if you love learning that you must surely, get yourself a new experience every weekend. Through which you can disconnect with your present belief systems and find solace within memories from the past, and learn more about the rich heritage and history of the world.

#8 Challenge & Push Yourself To Builds Persistence & Accommodate 

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It's difficult these days to be persistent to push yourself to finish a trek or climb a mountain or to be accommodating and adjust to changing circumstances. Travel helps you work on both fronts. It makes you push yourself to keep up and reach the top and makes you learn to make do, adjust and make the most of circumstances irrespective of how difficult it may be or seem. So come, push yourself to not be lazy or complain about all your problems and limitations, just pack your bag and find your adventure. 

#7 Learn More About Your Preferences & Dislikes

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How well do we know ourselves? How often do we put ourselves in unfavorable situations and learn new things about ourselves? Not often, I'm sure. But travel, is a world of self discovery. And through doing a trip on a budget, that may not be comfortable or as you would usually prefer it, you would learn new things about yourself. About what you like, how you like it. You'd learn more about who you are, and how you react differently to circumstances. And what's more valuable than self discovery right?

#6 Create's A Memorable Experience

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The modern generations is often caught out for investing time into experiences that dont last more than a few hours or days. Putting time into nothing that you can think or reflect upon years later and take away from. Investing into memorable experiences that can help you through life and can make you a better version of you is the need of today. A memory of doing a trek, sitting across a river, doing BBQ near a lake, making new friends and sharing stories. These are memories and experiences that are cherish-able than most things we'd do ordinarily. So why not go out and make memories? Than stay in and be thankful for Netflix?

#5 Helps Clear Your Mind

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Do you feel like your mind is overly clogged at times. So much that you can't get things done or pay attention. So much that you can't be creative or breathe freely without getting worried. It maybe any particular reason but it is important for your mind to be at peace, for you to live life to the fullest. And this is what travel does for you, it helps you clear your mind and refresh your canvas. It helps you detach from the world and reconnect with a world of purity away from the noise. In the most natural and organic way possible break away from your worries.

#4 Meet & Connect With New People 

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We all love to be comfortable and protected within our small circle of friends and people we know. But what are the possibilities of meeting someone from the other side of the world? With similar interests but who does not live in your neighborhood? A role model? Travelling helps your meet and connect with people over a journey. It helps learn more about them and yourself by spending time with people from various walks of life. Reflecting upon perspectives and experiences

 And maybe making a new best friend? 

#3 We All Need The Exercise 

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You know, we do. The age old gym membership or going for a run dream never comes true with the fast paced life that we live in. It is very important for us to keep fit and get that regular exercise that we all need. And what better way to do it? Through travel. It helps you freshen up your body through regular movement and helps build your fitness and stamina to take on any challenge that is put in front of you. It helps you stay fit in the most enjoyable way possible and not in vicinity of four walls.

#2 Helps You Connect With Yourself

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Our second most important reason why should prioritize travel is because it helps you connect with yourself. And man, isn't that essential. I mean you may be doing all the right things in the world and having the best of friends, but unless you haven't connected with yourself what is all that worth? Travel gives you that safe and open space to be able to spend time with yourself and with your emotions. It helps you discover and find who you are and what your purpose is better. It helps you bring clarity to how you may then go on to describe and think yourself. Away from what the world may think or perceive you to be.

#1 Break The Monotony

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The number one reason is, that you should break that ordinary followed since childhood routine of doing certain things on certain days. Break the monotony of schedules and of life and do the unexpected. Become more spontaneous and open to living life, as it comes. To packing your bags and following your heart and not your mind. Surprise yourself, and don't shy away from putting that hard work in that you know you will appreciate in the future.

And that's a rap folks, thank's for reading through our top 10 reasons, why travel should be one of the things that you push yourself into prioritizing, because it makes all the other things that you do tick. Are there any other reasons according to you? Do share and let us know, if you think we should add to this, or anything you do not agree with. 

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Edited & Written by Alvin Anthony

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